Women Who Make Beautiful Lives


Victoria Zenoff doesn’t actually create beautiful things.  She does something far more valuable.  She creates beautiful lives for her clients.

I went to see Victoria back in January 2012 when I was so depressed to return to work after the holidays that I actually cried.  Working with Victoria was like opening a door to my dreams and realizing that I had the power to make them come true.  She’s worked as a career/life coach for 35+ years.  It’s not some hobby that she just picked up on the side when she got bored with her day job.  It’s her life’s work, her passion and she excels at it in every way.

She’s helped countless people find more meaning in their daily lives and make career and industry transitions.  She helped me find an exit out of a dead end job and worked with several of my friends to help them find more meaningful work.  I recently went to a dinner party where another one of her clients and I went on and on for 30 minutes singing her praises.  If you’re lost, in doubt about what will make you happy and/or how to get it, go see Victoria.  You’ll be happy you did.