Moon Pies and Magic


Last week in Mendocino, I kept blabbing on to B about my grandpa. There’s just something about that beautiful little town that makes me feel his presence.  The picture above is my grandpa and that’s me with my grandma below.  Even back then, I had my nose in a book.


My grandpa was the best man I have ever known.  Loving, smart, quietly confident, playful, loyal and incredibly kind.  I’m going to marry a man like my grandpa.  Men of San Francisco: the standards are high!

Anyway, B and I sat on the balcony under the stars drinking wine and eating chocolate pot de crème our last night in Mendocino.  The couple in the room next door were celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary.  They were super sweet and clearly very happy.  It felt like such a magical evening and even more so when the couple walked over from their adjoining balcony to give us moon pies.  I nearly fell out of my chair b/c it’s the same treat I used to have with my grandpa over 30 years ago.  I didn’t even realize they made moon pies outside of the South!

It was just a beautiful reminder that if your eyes are open, there’s love and magic all around you.  Don & Mary…wishing you another happy 35 years together!