Happy Halloween


I can’t believe it’s Halloween already.  The past month has flown by in a flurry of job search activity.  There was one week where I had 11 interviews in 4 days.  It was exhausting but all so worth it.

I’m beyond excited to report that I formally accepted a fantastic job offer with an amazing startup here in San Francisco.  And the best news?  The people I’ll be working with are even more amazing…incredibly kind, smart and fun.  I think I finally found “my people” on the career front.

I’m looking forward to a lazy day trotting Orelia around the neighborhood in her costume.  There’s one lovely neighbor in her 70s who always points me out to her friends as Orelia and I pass by through out the year saying….”Yeah, that’s the lady who dresses her dog up for Halloween.”  I could be known for much worse things right?!  😉

(p.s. Just realized it’s my one year blogging anniversary.  Thanks so much to everyone who has read along and supported me along the way.  I’m truly shocked that anyone other than my parents follow my blog, but I’m very grateful.  It’s been awesome getting to know some of you online over the year. You rock!!)


Neighborhood Hauntings: Part Deux


Every walk around the hood with Orelia uncovers more spooky Halloween goodness.  I’m feeling so blessed and grateful to live in such a beautiful neighborhood.  San Francisco…you complete me!







GraveThe entryway to my apartment has always been rather depressing.  So I was super excited when my neighbor suggested we capitalize on it’s darkness and transform it with spooky Halloween decorations.  It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

Orelia even got in on the action and supervised our work.  She’s pretty pleased with it.  Now if I can just make sure she doesn’t use the bathroom on the leaves in the graveyard, we’ll be golden.







Hologram{This hologram goes from girly….}


{…to ghoulish with just a slight movement. Boo!}


Happy Halloween

Orelia’s ready to trick-or-treat

Boo!  It’s my favorite holiday of the year.  For me, October kicks off a month of arts and crafts projects. Painting pumpkins, cutting out cardboard shapes of bats and spiders, stretching spider webs across my fireplace and searching online for the perfect spooky portraits and ghostly images to scare my friends when they come over for my annual pumpkin carving party.  It’s a time to return to the childhood excitement of haunting tales, art class, dressing up and playing make believe.

Growing up in the South, autumn has always been my favorite time of year.  Those first crisp days in October when I got to wear a cozy sweater, my hair actually looked decent without the frizz inducing humidity, and I would snuggle down with a cup of hot cocoa after an afternoon of playing in the fallen leaves.

These days I’m in San Francisco where almost every day feels like Fall. But there’s still something special about the cooler and shorter days. I love watching Orelia, my beautiful cockapoo puppy, sniff the fallen leaves with excitement and throw herself into them with abandon.

That’s exactly how I feel about the holiday season and frankly, life itself these days.  I’m throwing myself into it with abandon and enjoying every moment.

Nothing like a few cobwebs to get the fireplace in the Halloween spirit.

The results of my carving party…way to go, ladies!

Love the look of these painted pumpkins. Way easier than carving!

Skulls in the Paris Catacombs are hauntingly beautiful. Stay tuned for more pics…