Happy Birthday Orelia!


I can’t believe my little lamb chop is 4 years old today.  We’ll be celebrating with an extra long walk, a trip to George for a special treat and lots of snuggles.  I’m so incredibly grateful for all the joy and love Orelia brings into my life every day.

Orelia Mae: You complete me! xoxo


Bon anniversaire a moi

So many things on this trip felt like a gift, but nothing more so than the day of my 37th birthday.  It was as if the gods asked me to envision my perfect birthday and granted each and every small request.

  • Be in Paris? Check.
  • Hot stone massage at Pavillon de la Reine along Place des Vosges? Check.
  • Leisurely afternoon tea in a garden with birds chirping at Le Dome du Marais? Check.
  • Dinner and champagne at classic Parisian bistro, Le Grand Colbert? Check.
  • Rain? Check (I’ve always loved the rain.  And Woody Allen was right in Midnight in Paris.  There’s nothing more romantic than Paris in the rain.)
  • Cab ride after dinner to see a sparkly night-time La Tour Eiffel from the Trocadero (one of the best views in Paris)? Check.
  • Spend the entire day with my BFF who flew all the way from California to be with me?  Check.

I’m a lucky girl, indeed!  Merci beaucoup.