Happy Halloween


I can’t believe it’s Halloween already.  The past month has flown by in a flurry of job search activity.  There was one week where I had 11 interviews in 4 days.  It was exhausting but all so worth it.

I’m beyond excited to report that I formally accepted a fantastic job offer with an amazing startup here in San Francisco.  And the best news?  The people I’ll be working with are even more amazing…incredibly kind, smart and fun.  I think I finally found “my people” on the career front.

I’m looking forward to a lazy day trotting Orelia around the neighborhood in her costume.  There’s one lovely neighbor in her 70s who always points me out to her friends as Orelia and I pass by through out the year saying….”Yeah, that’s the lady who dresses her dog up for Halloween.”  I could be known for much worse things right?!  😉

(p.s. Just realized it’s my one year blogging anniversary.  Thanks so much to everyone who has read along and supported me along the way.  I’m truly shocked that anyone other than my parents follow my blog, but I’m very grateful.  It’s been awesome getting to know some of you online over the year. You rock!!)


Happy Birthday Orelia!


I can’t believe my little lamb chop is 4 years old today.  We’ll be celebrating with an extra long walk, a trip to George for a special treat and lots of snuggles.  I’m so incredibly grateful for all the joy and love Orelia brings into my life every day.

Orelia Mae: You complete me! xoxo

Orelia Mae Likes


{A few things Orelia Mae is digging these days: 1) Ikat Dog Bed via One King’s Lane; 2) Best Dog Toy via Macpup.net; 3) Stella & Chewy’s Duck Duck Goose Dinner (Orelia won’t eat a single meal without this sprinkled on top.); 4) Keep Calm and Walk the Dog Pillow via Joss & Main; 5) Doggy Disco via Zoom Room. (If only they had a branch in San Francisco!)}

I’m loving this

The antibiotics are finally kicking in and I can breathe again. I’m loving the longer and warmer days.  Spring is just around the corner; and it’s gonna be glorious!

Here’s a few other things I’m loving these days.


Tangelos: Ever since I got sick, I cannot stop eating these.  I’ve made 3 trips to Mollie Stone’s to replenish my supply in the past few days.  I’m officially addicted.


The Cosby Show:  There’s nothing more comforting to me than watching back-to-back episodes.  Who cares if it’s from 30 years ago?  It’s better than anything that’s on TV today and it’s the family I dream of and long for.  One day….


Bumble: This adorable coffee shop in Los Altos serves Four Barrel Coffee and the most delicious goat cheese and spinach scramble.  Admittedly, I’m more excited about an internship opportunity with a local interior designer and blogger I met there recently.  Orelia and I are crossing our fingers and paws!!


Orelia Mae: She’s way overdue for a grooming session, but is she adorable with her long, wavy hair flopping over her eyes or what?!

The Best Things In Life Are Free

I typically put on music for Orelia when I leave her home on her own.  It’s usually R&B or Smooth Jazz.  A friend recently recommended I shake it up and try Country.  Listening to classic country songs totally brought me back to growing up in the South.

One song in particular called “Stay Young” by Don Williams has been playing in my head a lot.  The lyrics echo exactly what I’ve been feeling these days.  All the best things in life are free.  Here are a few free things that are making me happy these days.

1)    Heartland:  I’m addicted to watching this TV series filmed in the Canadian Rockies on Netflix. Stunning scenery and a wholesome family drama set on a beautiful horse ranch has me hooked.


2)    Fort Point: Going for a walk or drive down there to watch the waves roll in makes me feel even more grateful to live in this gorgeous city.


3)    Napping with Orelia:  Snuggling with her and waking up to her beautiful sweet little face is the purest form of love and happiness I’ve ever known.