Neighborhood Hauntings: Part Deux


Every walk around the hood with Orelia uncovers more spooky Halloween goodness.  I’m feeling so blessed and grateful to live in such a beautiful neighborhood.  San Francisco…you complete me!







Three Things

It was a toasty weekend in San Francisco.  Other than a few long walks with Orelia, we stayed indoors where it was nice and cool.  I finished reading Me Before You, went for a massage and watched more than a few episodes of Felicity.  Yes, I’m living in a 1990’s time warp; and I’m loving it!  Here are a few other things that I’m enjoying these days.

Journals{New journal and job search notebook courtesy of Target}

Hot-Fudge-Sundae{Hot fudge sundae at Stinson Beach}

Paradise-Park{Paradise Beach Park in Tiburon}

Lessons Learned in NYC

  • The Met is always a good idea…especially when it’s 90 degrees and humid outside.  I spent hours oohing and aahing over Monets, Renoirs, Central Park vistas and air conditioning.




  • When the city gets you down, go to Brooklyn Heights for a new perspective.  I had the best meal of the entire trip at Jack the Horse Tavern and walking along the Promenade on the 12th anniversary of September 11 was both poignant and peaceful.




  • I’m a California girl through and through.  NYC is great, but there were a million things I missed about San Francisco.  Orelia, fresh fruits and veggies, the Pacific Ocean, the chill in the morning air, Crissy Field, the greenery of my neighborhood, my car, etc.  I may not have been born here, but I was born to live in California.



In Case of Emergency


I spent a lovely afternoon at Stinson Beach recently.  It’s only 30 minutes away and sometimes I forget it’s there.  Driving along the cliffs as the road winds around the Pacific, it almost feels like Greece.  Picture a deep blue sea below and a jagged, rocky landscape to the right.  It’s breathtakingly beautiful.

After strolling along the beach and feasting on a delicious kale Caesar salad and BLT from The Lunch Box, I looked down at my phone.  A text had come in from a friend in the hospital who needed a ride home.  It got me thinking about who I would put down as my “in case of emergency” person.

My parents live too far away.  My friends are great, but they are pretty wrapped up with their kids. Orelia would come if she could, but driving is one trick that she hasn’t quite perfected.  Although I could totally see her in the driver’s seat of my car rocking a pair of Doggles and jamming to a hip-hop song like FashionKilla as she races to my rescue.  Hmm, we may need to revisit the SPCA and see if they are offering any new classes.  Driver’s ed for dogs, anyone?


On the road again


Another consulting assignment has wrapped up.  I’m overjoyed to have some time to do whatever thrills and delights me.  I’m off to Mendocino for a week and then to destinations yet unknown.

You may not see me here for a few weeks as I’m going to listen to the call of the open road and go wherever it leads.  I’ll have plenty of photos to share when I’m back.  In the meantime, have a lovely summer and stay cool.

I’m Feeling…Color

It’s been a while since I did any shopping.  So, I decided to take action.  The things I bought were quite small, but they all had one thing in common…bold and brilliant colors.

My old steak knives just weren’t cutting it anymore.  So, I picked up this lovely Laguiole set at Coquelicot in Larkspur.  I can’t wait to have friends over for dinner.  Who wants filet mignon?!


There’s nothing like putting on a brand new pair of Brooks GTS 13 sneakers and feeling like you’re walking on air.  These are a tad bright.  When I catch a glimpse of my feet, it’s kind of blinding even with my sunglasses on.  But they capture my mood these days and the person I aspire to become…unapologetically bold and daring.


Finally, a Jambox arrived via Amazon yesterday.  Admittedly, I didn’t get the red one.  I wanted the red one, but I’m cheap.  The same model in black was $40 less. Regardless, I got my dance on to 2Pac last night while solo toasting my upcoming vacation with a glass of champagne.  He’s never sounded better!


Next up?  NYC shopping in September.  SoHo boutiques…watch out!!

Day Trip: Point Reyes


I felt like getting away on Friday.  So I hopped in my car, drove north and spent a heavenly day hiking and eating my way through Point Reyes.  First stop?  Cowgirl Creamery, of course.


I picked up the most delicious ham and cheese sandwich for a picnic lunch.  It was so good, I even returned in the evening for a half roast chicken for dinner to take back home to San Francisco.  I never had a bad meal at Cowgirl Creamery. Does this sandwich look good or what?!


Then I hopped back in my car and took a long drive to the Marshall Beach trailhead.  It’s my favorite hike in Point Reyes.  It’s short, scenic and secluded.  At the end, you’re rewarded with the most delicious beach along Tomales Bay.   It’s just you, the birds chirping above, the sound of waves gently lapping at the shore and an occasional kayaker coming briefly ashore to rest.



{Heart’s Desire…this way!  Really?  If only it were so easy.  ;-))Point-Reyes