I’ve been spending so much time working that I’m considering getting a new office chair.  I came across this lovely and surprisingly comfortable one at Jonathan Adler down on Fillmore Street.  It’s on sale and calling my name.  But do I really want to spend $500 on a chair?!  Decisions, decisions…

Fortunately, it’s Friday and the only decision I need to make is what time I should book my massage this evening.  I’m counting the hours until I can shut my work laptop.  Snuggle time with my god daughter & Orelia, a much needed session with my career coach Victoria Zenoff and a date with a cute man and his adorable dog will be the highlights of my weekend.  Hope you have a great one too!


Moon Pies and Magic


Last week in Mendocino, I kept blabbing on to B about my grandpa. There’s just something about that beautiful little town that makes me feel his presence.  The picture above is my grandpa and that’s me with my grandma below.  Even back then, I had my nose in a book.


My grandpa was the best man I have ever known.  Loving, smart, quietly confident, playful, loyal and incredibly kind.  I’m going to marry a man like my grandpa.  Men of San Francisco: the standards are high!

Anyway, B and I sat on the balcony under the stars drinking wine and eating chocolate pot de crème our last night in Mendocino.  The couple in the room next door were celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary.  They were super sweet and clearly very happy.  It felt like such a magical evening and even more so when the couple walked over from their adjoining balcony to give us moon pies.  I nearly fell out of my chair b/c it’s the same treat I used to have with my grandpa over 30 years ago.  I didn’t even realize they made moon pies outside of the South!

It was just a beautiful reminder that if your eyes are open, there’s love and magic all around you.  Don & Mary…wishing you another happy 35 years together!

Beautiful Things: Black Sheep Postal Service


It’s been a while since I’ve profiled someone who makes beautiful things.  I can’t think of a better person to revive this series for than Justin Kerr of Black Sheep Postal Service.  I love mail.  I love handwriting.  And I absolutely love beautiful hand-made things.

The idea behind this one-man shop is quite simple, but brilliant nevertheless.   We don’t have time to write notes anymore.  So, Justin will do it for you.  $5 gets you a beautiful hand-silk screened, hand-written postcard mailed to your grandma (or whomever you choose) with a carefully curated postage stamp.  With cursive handwriting disappearing from classrooms and the postal service slowly dying, this business makes me very happy.  Who doesn’t love seeing a personal letter or postcard arrive in the mail instead of the constant stream of bills and junk mail?!

I felt inspired by Justin’s interview and found the photo of him with his grandma below adorable.  It’s comforting and validating to know that someone so accomplished (and not to mention handsome…heeeelllo!!) often feels lost and wonders what the hell he’s doing.  It’s a feeling that I’m slowly becoming comfortable with as a consultant.  Anyway, I just placed my first postcard order and can’t wait hear how happy it makes the person who receives it.  Rock on, Justin!


Dogs Are People Too


In my obsession with all things French, I recently bookmarked the French Vogue website to get my daily fix.  I was delighted when I came across these whimsical images of Weimaraners modeling Acne apparel by photographer William Wegman.  C’est si bon!




Orelia-Pearls{Orelia rocking pearls and a polo shirt…not exactly high fashion but lovely, still.}

Bye-bye TV, Internet, and iPhone


Inspired by a post on Rockstar Diaries (one of my favorite blogs), I’m getting back to something I used to do last year.  I’m going off the grid.  For 24 hours, I’m turning off my iPhone, computer, and TV.  And I can’t wait.

I love technology but sometimes it can be draining.  I spend so much time staring at a screen that I often miss the beautiful things happening right in front of me.  Not this weekend!!

Hot Date With My Inner Artist


I visited a good friend over the weekend.  I’ve known her for a decade, but I’ve never seen her as happy as this weekend.  Why is she so happy?  She’s spending a lot of time hiking outdoors and getting back to creative hobbies like drawing and painting.  It’s amazing how simple things like playing in nature and playing with arts get lost along the way as we become adults.  What’s more amazing is the drastic mood and life altering effects they have when you make just a little effort to incorporate them into your life again.

Seeing the joy on my friend’s beautiful face has given me the motivation to make tapping into my creativity a top priority again.  I’m going to start by returning to Julia Cameron’s wise tome The Artist’s Way and taking her suggestion by scheduling a weekly “artist date” with myself.  What’s an artist date? I like to think of an artist date as a pre-planned play date that only you can go on – no friends, spouses, children, pets, etc.  It’s a 2-hour block of time set aside and committed to nurturing your creative consciousness, your inner artist.  As pretentious as it may sound, we all have an inner artist.  You, me, even Orelia! 😉

While I didn’t call it an artist date, every day in Paris I walked around the Marais and admired the paintings in the galleries along Place des Vosges.  It was a time to soak up beauty and creativity on every corner.  Until I can make it downtown to some of the galleries here in San Francisco, I’m getting some inspiration from these gorgeous paintings I saw on one of those daily Paris walks.

Wishing everyone a creative week!