Me and Orelia

My name is Julie.  I live in San Francisco with my beloved muse and co-pilot, Orelia.  She has brought a sense of playfulness, beauty and pure joy to my life.  I started this blog to document all the things I love.  So, of course, it’s named after the number one love of my life.

Btw, Mae was my grandmother’s middle name.  Dorothy Mae Coutee was a woman known to speak her mind, follow her passions, laugh loud and long, and cherish all the little joys of every day life.  This one’s for you Granny…


One thought on “About

  1. Hi Julie, I love that photo, such a happy moment 😀 There’s nothing that compares to the love of a dog. We’ve been lucky to have 2 in our lives over the years. Currently, we are spoiling two cats. I came across your blog when I was searching for a post about spring cleaning to add to my post tomorrow. It really feels like a happy spot and so thought I’d say hello.

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