Buh Bye Online Dating


Back in 2011 my therapist gave me a book called Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough.  Given the source of the gift, I paid close attention and read it cover to cover…twice.  I thought it held the answer.

After 2 years of dating men I have no interest in ever seeing again, I’ve decided upon a much better use for this book.  I’m burning it.  I’m not settling for a damn thing.  I’m taking the rest of the year off from dating; and I’m grinning ear to ear just thinking about it.

{The picture above was taken after a date down on Union Street.  The view of the bay was the best thing about the evening.  I was so happy to be free from the date that I literally skipped up the hill to my car.}


2 thoughts on “Buh Bye Online Dating

  1. Oh shoot hey? Well, time might put some perspective on what kind of man will compliment your life plan. I met both my husbands at work or thru work functions. Some gals have success joining anything from a baseball leagues to reading clubs, depending on your interests. I can’t imagine a theory that tells intelligent, capable women into settling. That seem ludicrous to me. He’ll come into your life when you least expect it….hang in there. You’re cute as a button and you shouldn’t settle at all.

  2. Hi there. Thanks so much for your kind comments. Yeah, I’m hanging in there. I had created this crazy deadline of my birthday this year (which past) to meet my fiance. Crazy, huh? I thought I could control it like everything else. It was exhausting going on so many dates; and I just need a break. I’m going to leave it up to fate. And perhaps I need a new career since I’ve worked from home for 7 years. 😉 Hope you have a fabulous day!!

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