In Case of Emergency


I spent a lovely afternoon at Stinson Beach recently.  It’s only 30 minutes away and sometimes I forget it’s there.  Driving along the cliffs as the road winds around the Pacific, it almost feels like Greece.  Picture a deep blue sea below and a jagged, rocky landscape to the right.  It’s breathtakingly beautiful.

After strolling along the beach and feasting on a delicious kale Caesar salad and BLT from The Lunch Box, I looked down at my phone.  A text had come in from a friend in the hospital who needed a ride home.  It got me thinking about who I would put down as my “in case of emergency” person.

My parents live too far away.  My friends are great, but they are pretty wrapped up with their kids. Orelia would come if she could, but driving is one trick that she hasn’t quite perfected.  Although I could totally see her in the driver’s seat of my car rocking a pair of Doggles and jamming to a hip-hop song like FashionKilla as she races to my rescue.  Hmm, we may need to revisit the SPCA and see if they are offering any new classes.  Driver’s ed for dogs, anyone?



4 thoughts on “In Case of Emergency

  1. No doubt, it looks amazing there. I zipped over to the Lunch Box website too. Dang what a great menu for catering and the prices are so reasonable. Those Doggles are a riot, I think they’d be totally worth a photo op.

    • I agree. I’ve been tempted to return to Stinson just to get a taste of their yummy BLT. And I’ve been wanting a pair of Doggles for Orelia since I discovered them. Maybe I’ll dress her up as an aviatress for Halloween and finally get her a pair. 😉

      Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend…assuming you guys celebrate that in Canada.

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