On the Other Side of Fear is Freedom


The past few weeks have been incredibly relaxing and invigorating.  However, I had a moment where a bit of anxiety started to creep up.  I was worried that I may never find fulfilling work or that I may not meet the love of my life.  After sulking for a few days, I decided enough is enough!

I went back to my well-worn copy of Awaken the Giant Within and asked myself a simple question.  Who do I want to be?  The words vital and adventurous kept coming up.  What would someone like that do?  Why skydiving, of course.  So, off to Skydive Surfcity in Santa Cruz I went.

The guy in the photo above is Robby, my tandem skydiving instructor.  He’s done 8,000+ jumps so I was feeling pretty calm in this picture.  The most nerve-wracking moment was signing my name and initials 19 times on the release form.  How many ways can they say ‘you may die and you cannot sue us’?

Within minutes, we were in the plane and going up 15,000 feet with a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean and Monterey coastline.  I was so mesmerized by the view and chatting with Robby about his Jack Russell terrier that I wasn’t even nervous.  Seriously, it just felt like another plane ride until he attached me to his harness and told me to hang my feet out of the plane.  My heart stopped.  It took more than a little effort to lift my feet and shift them outside of the plane.


The 55 seconds of free falling at 120 miles per hour were the most incredible of my life.  I now completely understand how people become addicted to the adrenaline rush from adventure sports.  Even a week later, I have never felt more alive!

Plus, that anxiety that was plaguing me?  Completely and utterly gone.  There’s really nothing to worry about.  Once you’ve jumped out of a plane, everything else is a cake walk.



{I laugh every time I see this photo.  I’m not afraid at all.  Oh, no.  Yeah, right!!}







2 thoughts on “On the Other Side of Fear is Freedom

  1. Woop! Woop! That’s just crazy 😀 and you look so happy….awesome for you! I don’t know if I’m looking for that big of a ‘kick in the butt’, but it’s sure fun to see you do it! I’m the worst flyer ever, the only reason I get on a plane is to get somewhere’s quick. I might run 120 mph outta there when they pull out that waiver….HA, good one, “How many ways can they say ‘you may die and you cannot sue us’?” That made me laugh.

    • Hi there. You are making me laugh now. The thought of running out of there once I saw the waiver did indeed cross my mind. Thanks so much for reading my blog. I always love seeing your comments. I hope you’re having a fantastic summer!! 😉

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