I’m Feeling…Color

It’s been a while since I did any shopping.  So, I decided to take action.  The things I bought were quite small, but they all had one thing in common…bold and brilliant colors.

My old steak knives just weren’t cutting it anymore.  So, I picked up this lovely Laguiole set at Coquelicot in Larkspur.  I can’t wait to have friends over for dinner.  Who wants filet mignon?!


There’s nothing like putting on a brand new pair of Brooks GTS 13 sneakers and feeling like you’re walking on air.  These are a tad bright.  When I catch a glimpse of my feet, it’s kind of blinding even with my sunglasses on.  But they capture my mood these days and the person I aspire to become…unapologetically bold and daring.


Finally, a Jambox arrived via Amazon yesterday.  Admittedly, I didn’t get the red one.  I wanted the red one, but I’m cheap.  The same model in black was $40 less. Regardless, I got my dance on to 2Pac last night while solo toasting my upcoming vacation with a glass of champagne.  He’s never sounded better!


Next up?  NYC shopping in September.  SoHo boutiques…watch out!!


2 thoughts on “I’m Feeling…Color

  1. Those knifes will be fun when you have friends for BBQ…They can all pick a colour at the table. I wish I lived in the US just for the inexpensive shipping rates….I’d be an online shop-al-holic. Canada Post is just insane (they are privatized and unionized…hence, everyone is paid very very well). Cool looking Jambox, I’ll have to swing over to the link, but first…..my wine is empty, time for a top up 😀

    • Yes, I love those knives too. Still haven’t had friends over, but they thrill and delight me and Orelia. Btw, I actually returned the Jambox and got a JBL Flip speaker instead. It’s much cheaper and actually sounds way better. Sometimes looks aren’t everything. Enjoy the wine! Cheers 😉

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