Day Trip: Point Reyes


I felt like getting away on Friday.  So I hopped in my car, drove north and spent a heavenly day hiking and eating my way through Point Reyes.  First stop?  Cowgirl Creamery, of course.


I picked up the most delicious ham and cheese sandwich for a picnic lunch.  It was so good, I even returned in the evening for a half roast chicken for dinner to take back home to San Francisco.  I never had a bad meal at Cowgirl Creamery. Does this sandwich look good or what?!


Then I hopped back in my car and took a long drive to the Marshall Beach trailhead.  It’s my favorite hike in Point Reyes.  It’s short, scenic and secluded.  At the end, you’re rewarded with the most delicious beach along Tomales Bay.   It’s just you, the birds chirping above, the sound of waves gently lapping at the shore and an occasional kayaker coming briefly ashore to rest.



{Heart’s Desire…this way!  Really?  If only it were so easy.  ;-))Point-Reyes





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