You Are Enough


This piece of paper has been taped to the top of my desk for almost a year now.  Yet, it’s only recently that I’ve started living by it on a daily basis.  Just imagine…you…YOU alone are enough.  Nothing to prove to anybody.

Originally the concept felt foreign to me.  I always felt like I had to prove myself to everybody.  As a child, to my parents that I was smart enough and good enough.  To men, that I was pretty enough and worthy of love.  Once I left the South, I felt I had to prove I wasn’t some back water idiot raised in the swamps.  (Can you believe people actually asked me if I had to take a row boat to get to my house through the Louisiana swamps?  Those were also the same morons who thought I was friends with Brittany Spears because we’re both from Louisiana.  But I digress…) And finally, on the verge of 38, I have nothing to prove to anyone.  I’m enough all on my own.  And so are you!!


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