Dance Like No One’s Watching


I dance every single day in my kitchen.  It’s usually in the morning.  These days it’s to Taylor Swift’s Red album, but it doesn’t take any particular tunes to get me moving.

Last Friday I went out dancing at a club for the first time in four years.  I can’t believe I let such a long time pass before doing something so simple that brings me so much joy.  While the music at Mighty wasn’t exactly my favorite, it really didn’t matter.  From the moment I started dancing, I couldn’t stop smiling.  And I really haven’t stopped all week long.  Of course, it helps to have a dance partner who you absolutely adore.

I recently heard someone conjecture that most mental illness could be eliminated by dancing for an hour a day.  While I doubt this is true in all cases, I think there’s something to it.  Next time I get in a funk, I’ll be turning up the tunes and shaking my groove thang.

p.s.  Orelia got a haircut over the weekend.  Is she gorgeous or what?!


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