Beautiful Things: Black Sheep Postal Service


It’s been a while since I’ve profiled someone who makes beautiful things.  I can’t think of a better person to revive this series for than Justin Kerr of Black Sheep Postal Service.  I love mail.  I love handwriting.  And I absolutely love beautiful hand-made things.

The idea behind this one-man shop is quite simple, but brilliant nevertheless.   We don’t have time to write notes anymore.  So, Justin will do it for you.  $5 gets you a beautiful hand-silk screened, hand-written postcard mailed to your grandma (or whomever you choose) with a carefully curated postage stamp.  With cursive handwriting disappearing from classrooms and the postal service slowly dying, this business makes me very happy.  Who doesn’t love seeing a personal letter or postcard arrive in the mail instead of the constant stream of bills and junk mail?!

I felt inspired by Justin’s interview and found the photo of him with his grandma below adorable.  It’s comforting and validating to know that someone so accomplished (and not to mention handsome…heeeelllo!!) often feels lost and wonders what the hell he’s doing.  It’s a feeling that I’m slowly becoming comfortable with as a consultant.  Anyway, I just placed my first postcard order and can’t wait hear how happy it makes the person who receives it.  Rock on, Justin!



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