Chilly Days and Soul Mates

I’m a little bummed the chill has returned to San Francisco.  Yet, I’m grateful for the warm stroll I enjoyed on Monday down at Crissy Field.


Fortunately, spring blossoms are overflowing in my neighborhood and keeping me smiling.


In other news, Orelia and I have always been soul mates. No big surprise to anyone reading this blog.  I enjoy reading and napping on the couch; and she’s right there with me.


I had an ear infection last month and now poor Orelia is suffering from one.  And I resorted to reading this at the vet’s office this morning.  Ah, the things we do for love….



2 thoughts on “Chilly Days and Soul Mates

  1. Orelia is the luckiest puppy ever. And oh. She is so cute. I serioulsy can’t even stand it. On a similiar note, or not, it is freezing down here in Houston. which is crazy cuz normally by now we are in the 80’s. This week we barely got into the 60s. Spring time, Spring time, where are you???

    • Aww, I feel like the luckiest doggie mom ever. She’s the best. Hope it warms up in Houston for you very soon. Spring time, get your groove thang over here! 😉 xoxo

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