Happy Earth Day!


What a lovely weekend.  It actually felt like California weather for a change.  Clear blue skies, 78 degrees and no fog in sight!!  Given the gorgeous weather, I spent most of the weekend outside.  Some of my favorite moments from the weekend:

  • Lounging on a white fluffy blanket and pillows while sipping white wine on a friend’s balcony overlooking the water catching up, laughing and feeling like life is indeed beautiful.  The smells of a delicious roast chicken wafting out of the kitchen didn’t hurt either.  Thanks for a lovely evening, B.
  • Walking down to Union Street for some window shopping with Orelia trotting by my side
  • Catching up with a good friend over sushi at Yuzu
  • Watching Orelia play in the surf with a new buddy at Fort Funston and enjoying being at the beach without the wind chilling me to the bone

It’s supposed to be sunny and warm all week long.  O and I are headed out to enjoy it.  We hope you can do the same.  Happy Earth Day!


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