Happy Thursday + Magical Mendocino Moments

Another Thursday is upon us, but I’m still reminiscing about last weekend in Mendocino. Here are a few of my favorite moments from the trip.  Enjoy the weekend!

Pattersons-Pub{Patterson’s Pub: Best burger and fries in Mendocino}

Water-Tower{Old-fashioned water towers around town}

Cliffs{Walks along the cliffs}

Fences{White picket fences and wild flowers}

Macullum-House{Sunlight on MacCullum House and pond}

Gas-Station{Totally reminds me of visiting my grandparents in Cloutierville}

Albion-River-Inn{Watching sunset over dinner at Albion River Inn}


Mendocino{Morning walks along the cliffs}


Me-Malika{Me and my horse for the day, Malika, riding along the beach}


Me{More exploring along the cliffs and a blissfully happy/dorky self-portrait}

Mendo-Real-Estate{Hmm…maybe I’ll move to Mendocino}

Hmmmm{…and open a shop}

Ahhhh{Ahh, sunset.  Another happy day in Mendocino.}


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