Guilty Pleasures


{Bubbles at Domaine Carneros over the weekend}

Originally, I wanted to share a list of my guilty pleasures like going to the corner store and getting a bag of Cheese Puffs for a late night craving.  And I still want to share those, but something else occurred to me as I made this list.  Why should I feel guilty about anything that brings me pleasure as long it’s not harming anyone?

Here are a few things that bring me pleasure and starting today I’m not feeling guilty about a single one of them.

  • Taylor Swift’s 22:  I can dance around my kitchen to this song 3 times in a row and never stop smiling.
  • Chick Lit:  I love a good Danielle Steelesque romance novel every once in a while.  I just finished Three Sisters and thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • I love a good afternoon nap.  30 minutes is good, an hour is even better.  Those ex-boyfriends who dared to insinuate that I’m lazy b/c of this…kiss my grits.
  • McDonald’s: Once a month I allow myself to roll through the drive through and order a Big Mac and fries.

What are your “guilty” pleasures?


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