A Little Ice Cream Goes a Long Way


One day last week I was feeling a little down.  Nothing specific had happened, but it was a rather humdrum kind of day.  So around 3 pm in the afternoon, I stopped working and asked myself a question.  What would thrill and delight me right now?

Ice Cream!  Not just any ice cream, but a hot fudge walkaway waffle cone sundae from Swensen’s. I immediately bid a quick adieu to Orelia and hopped in my car.

The minute I walked into Swensen’s I started to feel better.  The storefront is tiny without a single place to sit.  So I got my waffle sundae and walked along Hyde Street until I found a staircase right smack in the sunshine.  I sat there, enjoyed every bite of my ice cream and waved to tourists as they went by on the trolley car.  And all of a sudden, the day went from blah to magical.  I heart you, San Francisco!

Swensons Sundae


2 thoughts on “A Little Ice Cream Goes a Long Way

    • Oh, so glad this brought up happy memories. I actually used to go to Swensen’s in Louisiana with my dad. Of course as a child, I had no idea the original one was in San Francisco. Good times, indeed! 😉

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