Top 10 Affordable San Francisco Bites


{Shrimp and grits at Brenda’s French Soul Food}

I love to eat.  Always have, always will.  To me, food is love and comfort.  Thank goodness I inherited my dad’s metabolism! Here’s my favorite spots around San Francisco for tasty and affordable meals.

  1. Brenda’s French Soul Food –  The best and most authentic Southern food in San Francisco. Who needs a trip to New Orleans when I can have red beans & rice, shrimp & grits and mouth watering homemade biscuits right here?
  2. Chloe’s Café – my favorite brunch spot in adorable Noe Valley.  The pecan pancakes and egg salad sandwiches are to die for!
  3. Hillstone – best burger and fries in the city.  Yes, it’s a chain, but their burger is even better than the Spruce burger and much cheaper.
  4. Giorgio’s – There’s a reason this place has been around for 30 years.  Family friendly and the best pizza I’ve had on the West Coast.
  5. Castagna – The pasta here is amazing and the adorable French owners behind the bar aren’t too shabby either. Sit at the bar and prepare to be delighted by the food and the company. Je t’adore!
  6. Bistro Central Parc – Absolutely authentic and delicious French bistro with the sweetest owners.  Wild mushroom risotto is so good and their weekend brunch menu is beyond good.
  7. Magic Flute – Gorgeous garden in the back with heated lamps, best French toast in town and heavenly beignets.
  8. Eliza’s – Great lunch specials and their wonton soup and chicken with cashews & broccoli are go-to favorites.
  9. Benihana – I know, I know, it’s a chain.  But I’ve had some of the best impromptu meals there with my BFF.  Their fried rice and lobster rocks!
  10. Godzilla – It’s no Sushi Ran, but it’s fresh, affordable sushi within walking distance of my apartment.  Plus the people behind the counter are super friendly.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Affordable San Francisco Bites

  1. These all sound great. I visited San Francisco a number of years ago, right before I moved from Seattle back to NY. I loved it. I remember getting off the plane from Seattle where it was cold and rainy and getting off the plane to BRIGHT sunshine and uber fast car drivers. It was like being on the Indy 500!! But we went to Russian Hill to a french inspired cafe on a corner and sat in the sun in 70 degree weather and drank wine. Then went to see the Painted Ladies and the temps dropped 10 degrees and then we went to the bridge and I couldn’t see it because of all the fog and it was misting and raining and the temps had dropped another 10 degrees and all in a 7 hour period. The typical SF experience!

    • Hi Ali,
      Thanks so much for reading my blog and commenting. I know that restaurant on the corner on Polk Street…I think it was Chez Paul but has since turned into something else. I do feel lucky to live here, but NYC is pretty amazing as well. Btw, I absolutely LOVE your blog. The layout is beautiful. I particularly like your Home & Person series. Did you use Photoshop Elements for the collage? It’s fantastic!

      Hope you have a wonderful Easter,

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