Over the weekend

The weekend was primarily spent on the couch.  I’ve been down with an ear infection and it’s not pretty over here.  Lots of tissues on the floor, which Orelia promptly rips to shreds.  And just feeling generally out of it.  Fortunately, I had a stack of my favorite magazines (O, Country Living, etc.) to keep me company as well as the best napping partner in the world (aka Orelia).  It’s like she knows I’m not feeling my best.  There were several times I woke up from napping on the couch with her little paw thrown over my leg or stomach.  There’s nothing like the unconditional love of a good dog.

On the bright side, I enjoyed a delicious dinner on Saturday with one of my best friends, B.  We went to Sushi Ran over in Sausalito.  I hadn’t been in years but I love, love, love that place.  Just driving over the Golden Gate Bridge at night and seeing the cityscape all lit up as I drive down the hill to Sausalito is a thing of beauty.  With two of my closest friends now living in Mill Valley, the call of a more laidback Bay Area lifestyle is beckoning like never before.  I have a feeling within the next year, I’ll be making a move across the bridge myself.

Sushi-Ran{The salmon sashimi and nigiri melts in your mouth at Sushi Ran.}

Sushi-ran{Miso glazed black cod = YUM!}

Sushi-ran{Delicious Vietnamese shaking beef}


5 thoughts on “Over the weekend

  1. SF area is stunning, well, that’s the only place I have been to in Northern California… ;o) Well, i have to say, you hit upon a perfect afternoon for me… and that wold involve reading the O Magazine WHILST eating sushi…. oh, how I wish it was the weekend already…lol…

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