Hot Date With My Inner Artist


I visited a good friend over the weekend.  I’ve known her for a decade, but I’ve never seen her as happy as this weekend.  Why is she so happy?  She’s spending a lot of time hiking outdoors and getting back to creative hobbies like drawing and painting.  It’s amazing how simple things like playing in nature and playing with arts get lost along the way as we become adults.  What’s more amazing is the drastic mood and life altering effects they have when you make just a little effort to incorporate them into your life again.

Seeing the joy on my friend’s beautiful face has given me the motivation to make tapping into my creativity a top priority again.  I’m going to start by returning to Julia Cameron’s wise tome The Artist’s Way and taking her suggestion by scheduling a weekly “artist date” with myself.  What’s an artist date? I like to think of an artist date as a pre-planned play date that only you can go on – no friends, spouses, children, pets, etc.  It’s a 2-hour block of time set aside and committed to nurturing your creative consciousness, your inner artist.  As pretentious as it may sound, we all have an inner artist.  You, me, even Orelia! 😉

While I didn’t call it an artist date, every day in Paris I walked around the Marais and admired the paintings in the galleries along Place des Vosges.  It was a time to soak up beauty and creativity on every corner.  Until I can make it downtown to some of the galleries here in San Francisco, I’m getting some inspiration from these gorgeous paintings I saw on one of those daily Paris walks.

Wishing everyone a creative week!




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