Oh, Baby!


{This strawberry shortcake was even more delicious than it looks!}

Over the weekend, I went to a baby shower for my BFF.  In fact, I helped plan the shower even though I’m clueless about all things baby-wise.  I actually had to call a friend who happens to be a mother of 4 when I felt overwhelmed in the baby section at my local party shop.  It just felt so foreign.  Ask me about dogs, day spas or SF restaurants; and I’m your woman.  But babies?!  Yikes!

The shower turned out to be a blast all around.  It was a day of delicious cake, tasty pasta salad and lots of laughs.  We also enjoyed some over-the-top ridiculous games involving a contest to see who could scoop the most poop (in the form of cotton balls, thank heavens) into a bowl.  Despite all the fun and baby talk, I’m pretty grateful that the only baby in my life right now has four legs, a fur coat and a wet nose (aka Orelia).


{Baby shower decorations c/o Party City}


{The baby shower planning crew with our guest of honor, Karla}Poop-the-Scoop

{Amy being a trooper playing Scoop-the-Poop}Karla-Baby-Clothes

{We all oohed and ahhed over this cute little poppy onesie}


{Karla and her oh-so-stylish mom}Karla-Aloha{Aloha! Nothing like a little island wear for Baby Kiana.}


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