The Best Things In Life Are Free

I typically put on music for Orelia when I leave her home on her own.  It’s usually R&B or Smooth Jazz.  A friend recently recommended I shake it up and try Country.  Listening to classic country songs totally brought me back to growing up in the South.

One song in particular called “Stay Young” by Don Williams has been playing in my head a lot.  The lyrics echo exactly what I’ve been feeling these days.  All the best things in life are free.  Here are a few free things that are making me happy these days.

1)    Heartland:  I’m addicted to watching this TV series filmed in the Canadian Rockies on Netflix. Stunning scenery and a wholesome family drama set on a beautiful horse ranch has me hooked.


2)    Fort Point: Going for a walk or drive down there to watch the waves roll in makes me feel even more grateful to live in this gorgeous city.


3)    Napping with Orelia:  Snuggling with her and waking up to her beautiful sweet little face is the purest form of love and happiness I’ve ever known.



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