Before and After

It’s amazing how you can drastically transform your space by a few simple adjustments.

  • Sick of your brown sofa and unattractive synthetic rug inherited from a friend? Throw on some crisp, white slipcovers and buy a beautiful handmade rug for a major discount at Gilt Home.


(Before)  Sofa-Fireplace


  • Over the brown plastic doggie crate where Orelia likes to nap?  Whip out the giftwrap and ModgePodge to make it a beautiful retreat worthy of Orelia’s affection.





  • Not feeling your boring bedroom? Get a faux fur throw, frame photos of your favorite places (Paris pour moi), upgrade your bedside lamp and find a fabulous mirror at the Alameda Flea Market.






4 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. So beautiful Jules! So beautiful! But I loved it before and after. You are so talented, and I’d love to come sit in your parlor and chat any day:) I agree with Leslie, you def. could sell those for big bucks:) Happy New Year my sweet cousin.

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