Comfort and Joy


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I absolutely love Lovejoy’s Tea Room and recently spent a relaxing afternoon there enjoying high tea.  I used to live a few blocks away in the sleepy and lovely Noe Valley neighborhood.  Ten years later, I still have fond memories of leisurely afternoons sipping tea, reading books, people watching and gabbing with friends.

Over the years, I always return to Lovejoy’s for a little bit of comfort and joy. Rough morning? Annoying conference call?  Then, I head off to Lovejoy’s for tea and all will be right in my world.

Wishing everyone comfort and joy this holiday season!


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4 thoughts on “Comfort and Joy

  1. Oh! Great pic. It’s like I was sent back in time or something. And the food. . .wow. . .I’m completely drooling on my keyboard. Now. . .your making me want to go into the kitchen and cook. . . .

    • Yes, that’s why I love it. You’d love the interior too. Reminds me of my great grandma’s kitchen…comfy chairs, doilies, chipped tea cups. It’s the best. Next time you and Warwick make it out to SF, we’re going there, baby!

    • Yes, it’s a great escape. And you’re right…the food is delicious. I could eat those little sandwiches with crust cut off all day long…especially the egg/onion and walnut chicken apple ones. Happy Holidays and thanks for reading my blog!

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