Hearst Castle Holiday Cheer


I was originally planning to spend the holidays here in San Francisco.  Yet, I realized over the weekend that I wasn’t really that jazzed about it.  So I booked a ticket to spend Christmas with my parents in Louisiana; and I’m so excited!  It just wouldn’t feel like Christmas without them.

Last year, they came out to California and we took a road trip down to Hearst Castle.  Architect Julia Morgan designed the palatial estate for newspaper magnate, William R. Hearst, between 1919 and 1947.  She was the the first female admitted to the architecture program at l’École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, and the first woman architect licensed in California. Rock on, Julia!

The holidays are a great time to visit the museum.  There were very few tourists and even more over-the-top decorations than usual.  We stayed at The Fogcatcher Inn; and I loved hearing the ocean waves crash as I fell asleep at night.









2 thoughts on “Hearst Castle Holiday Cheer

  1. Jules. . .forgive me while I catch up on a lifetime of blogging by my favorite cousin. . .i know. . .i’m a bit dramatic.

    OH! I LUV YOUR LIFE. What a lovely christmas. Right about the time the waves were lulling you to sleep, I was probably crashed on the couch with pecan pie smeared on my nose:)

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