Merry Christmas to Me

There’s another bonus to being single during the holidays.  No need to spend time and energy agonizing over the perfect gift for him or worrying if he’ll like it.  Instead, I’m finding the perfect gift for me and loving it.

What does Santa have in store for me this year?

Cashmere sweater worn by Jess on New Girl: $118 (Big sale at J. Crew)


Black AG Corduroy Jeans:  $100 (40% off at Nordstrom’s)


Plane ticket to see my parents in Louisiana: Priceless



6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to Me

  1. I DIDN’T KNOW YOU HAD A BLOG!!!! YES, I AM YELLING! THIS IS CRAZINESS. HAD I KNOWN IT WOULD HAVE BEEN READING IT RELIGIOUSLY!!! Ok. now I’m not yelling. I luv you. You know that. I just don’t check my FB. . .ever, so I just had a minute and noticed your post. Lurv it. But. . .only I think it doesn’t only apply to single sexy goddesses like yourself, I might take a page or two from your book. I want to buy myself something lovely. . .so loving that green sweater, and maybe some electronic e-reader. Maybe a kindle fire. Tell your parents I said hello and I hope to see all of you SOON. I want to come back to your side of the states and have more time to play:)

    • Oh, Nicole!! How I love and miss you! Aren’t we supposed to be living next door to each other as we dreamed as kids?! 😉 Your comments are cracking me up. You brilliant and beautiful woman! Thanks for all the sweet comments, making me laugh and being my favorite cousin of all time. Lots of love to you and your gorgeous girls this Christmas. Orelia and I are hoping Santa brings you everything you want!

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