Over the weekend

It was another sunny and warm San Francisco weekend.  Instead of spending it outdoors, I nestled indoors with Orelia and pretended it was a chilly winter weekend.

I opened the windows and built fires.  I baked homemade chocolate chip cookies with walnuts.  I shared a delicious meal with soulmate friends at Wood Tavern in Oakland.  I finally started writing holiday cards (one of my favorite Christmas past times).


I drank a glass of this with my meals.


And I met her…Madison, my friend Joy’s baby girl.  Is she a beauty or what?!



2 thoughts on “Over the weekend

  1. That kid is cute:) And I got my christmas card. Thank you. Loved it. Wine while doing christmas cards? A genius, that’s what you are:) I’ll have to remember that for next year. Now I really am going to make gingerbread and stop reading your blog. You have created a monster in me:/

    • Aww, so glad you got the card and liked it. I absolutely love yours too. It’s sitting on the mantle so I can see you and those gorgeous little girls every day. Enjoy that gingerbread! Yum!!

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