Come away with me


Over the summer, I spent a blissful weekend at Manka’s Inverness Lodge celebrating a new chapter in my life.  Everything about that weekend makes me smile.

Tucked into the wooded hills just above the town of Inverness, my “mushroom cabin” was the ultimate sanctuary.  A super comfy bed, a sofa you can really sink into, an iPod stocked with great tunes and gorgeous hiking trails and vistas just steps away from my doorstep. Don’t even get me started on the delicious pasta at Osteria Stellina and oysters at The Marshall Store.

Every morning at 9 am, a soft knock could be heard at my front door.  When I made my way there, a wooden box greeted me.  It was filled with fresh baked pastries, scrambled eggs with prosciutto, orange juice and the morning paper.  How can you not have an amazing day when it starts like that?!

Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend!




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