Happy New Year


The sun may be setting on 2012, but I’m still reveling in all the wonderful things that have come into my life this year.  I’m grateful for new friends, a deeper connection with old ones, a new career, greater independence and more clarity about what’s important to me.  Plus, more joy in the present moment than ever before.

I’m excited to see what 2013 holds and entering it with a heart filled with gratitude is a great place to start.  Happy New Year!


Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String…

Over the holidays, I watched The Sound of Music with my parents.  I’ve always loved that movie and will even admit to singing about my favorite things to myself during stressful moments.

Here are a few of my favorite things that are making me happy lately.


(A childhood favorite revisited thanks to my BFF, Karla)


(Orelia’s long girly eye lashes)


(Morning coffee in this owl holiday mug….thanks Mom!)

Wishing everyone a weekend filled with your favorite things and people.

Reunited and it feels so good


I’m overjoyed to be home in San Francisco.  I’m always blissfully happy to return here after a trip.  There’s just something magical about seeing Orelia, smelling the ocean air and glimpsing the Pacific Ocean as I stroll around the neighborhood. It just doesn’t get any more beautiful than San Francisco for me.

I found this picture at my parents over the holidays.  It’s clear that my love affair with this city started long before I moved here in 2001.  San Francisco…you complete me!


Merry Christmas!


The past couple of days in Louisiana have been super relaxing.  Lots of delicious and comforting meals, Christmas tunes, gift wrapping, holiday flicks and lounging around the house.  My mom has made all of my favorite dishes: meat pies, mac n’ cheese, 2 kinds of gumbo and a new favorite…boudin (sausage filled with rice and dressing).

It’s a really good thing I don’t live here.  I’m sure I’d be a good 40 pounds heavier.  But alas, it’s the holidays…

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!



Louisiana, Here I Come!


I’m off to Louisiana on a super early flight tomorrow.  Orelia’s already been dropped off at the Muttley Crew.  She’s probably sleeping with visions of sugar plums dancing in her sweet head as I type these words.

Long before Orelia, I had another BFF as a child.  Her name was Carrie; and she was my most cherished doll.  Unlike the stylish Carrie Bradshaw, my Carrie wore a prairie style dress and braided pigtails.  I still remember my mom prying her away from me at times when Carrie became too dirty for her to stand.  She would put her in a pillowcase and wash her on the gentle cycle to make sure she came out “all safe and sound.”

Over the years, my parents sewed new feet and hands on Carrie as she wasn’t aging so gracefully.  My dad even super glued a new set of eyes on Carrie when her original ones gave out.  Now that’s love.

Wishing everyone a Christmas filled with love, warmth, and great memories!

Me-Carrie(Giving a Christmas gift to my beloved Carrie doll)

Playing with Polyvore

Just started playing with Polyvore and loving it. I got so distracted by all the beautiful winter wonderland images that I forgot to insert a pair of pants to finish the outfit. Hope that mink coat is as warm as it looks!

Holiday Shopping Outfit