Kiss San Francisco

When I moved to San Francisco back in 2001, I initially feared I made a mistake.  All of my good friends were back in NYC.  And it took years to build solid friendships here.

I absolutely love San Francisco now and can’t imagine living anywhere else.  The ocean, the vineyards, the mountains, the redwoods, the temperate climate and friendly laid back people.  What more could a girl want?

During those early days in SF, a good friend from NYC came to visit.  She revealed an old ritual from her college days at Tufts.  Whenever she and her friends drove into the city for a night out, she’d get so excited and say aloud “Kiss Boston” as she blew a kiss to her favorite town.

For over a decade, every time I drive back into San Francisco I pucker my lips, blow a kiss, say “Kiss San Francisco!” and feel utterly joyful to call this beautiful city my home.

Happy Thanksgiving!

(Baker Beach with Orelia)

(My neighborhood in Pacific Heights)

(Lands End hiking trail)

(Pacific Ocean view from Marin Headlands)

(Coffee at Four Barrel in the Mission)

(Dinner at Dixie in the Presidio w/ my BFF)

(Orelia wants to kiss San Francisco too!)


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