There’s No Place Like Parc Monceau

Many years ago, I spent 3 months in Paris. After the initial thrill of being in France wore off, I felt lost and alone.  Sometimes, I love the idea of Paris more so than the reality.  Paris represents beauty, freedom, romance, and all that is good and lovely in the world.  (Some may say dog poop comes to mind as well, but you’re with me, right?!)

Anyway, there were days when I was anxious about the future that awaited me back in San Francisco.  Nervous about finding a job, scared things would fall apart with my long distance boyfriend and just plain worried.  Whenever those feelings threatened to overwhelm me, I’d pack up my journal, pick up a Quick Burger and head to Parc Monceau.

7 years later, the park is just as beautiful and restorative as before.  How can you not feel safe and comforted when surrounded by such natural beauty?


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