More love for St. Emilion

My second day in St. Emilion was nothing short of magical.  I woke up early and rolled downstairs to the hotel garden where I had hot croissants, orange juice and fresh fruit amid birds fluttering and tweeting away in the trees.  I then went back to sleep until lunchtime.  What can I say?  That first week in Paris tuckered me out.

After enjoying a seared fois gras salad for lunch, I boarded a van with Robert Faustin (wine guide extraordinaire).  4 hours of wine tasting at Chateau Fonplegade and Chateau Mauvezin and it was time for another nap before dinner at L’Huitre Pie.

Luckily for me, I was in town during the annual Nuit du Patrimoine festival when all the residents of St. Emilion celebrate their heritage. Thousands of people from nearby villages packed the usually sleepy cobblestone streets.  Music of every kind filled the town squares.   At 11 pm a spectacular fireworks display lit up the ancient rooftops and capped off a beautiful day that I will always remember. C’etait magnifique!

I’d love to return for the St. Emilion Jazz Festival.  Jazz, wine and France?!  I may never return to California.


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