Women Who Make Beautiful Things

Many of you will recognize this phrase from O Magazine.  Every month the magazine profiles women who make beautiful things from handcrafted quilts to wallpaper to home furnishings.  When I think of my dream career, the phrase “women who make beautiful things” sums it up.  So every Friday, I’ll profile a different woman making beautiful things.

Perhaps it’s a tad bold, but I’m going to start this series with own paintings.  After taking an oil painting class at Fort Mason over 10 years ago, painting has become my form of therapy.  Bad day at the office?  Break out the paintbrushes.  Broke up with another boyfriend?  Let’s go to Flax and stock up on canvases.

Last Christmas, my dad gave me the best gift…a Bob Ross Joy of Painting Master Paint Set.  Yes, that’s the man with the afro from the 80’s. There’s something about the sound of Bob’s soothing voice saying “there are no mistakes” and “let’s make some happy little clouds today.”

Every time I put on a DVD, Orelia starts snoozing within minutes of hearing his tranquil voice.  Even the sound of the paintbrush moving across the canvas makes me smile.  I hope these make you smile too.


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